About Us

Indigenous Connections


Black Tusk Nordic Events Society was formed in 2020 and takes inspiration for its name from the iconic Black Tusk – a mountain peak in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia and the traditional territories of the Squamish and Lil’wat First Nations. The “Tusk”, as it is commonly referred to, is a pinnacle of volcanic rock with an elevation of 2,319 metres or 7,608 feet. As one departs from Whistler Olympic Park, heading east down the Callaghan Valley, the Tusk forms a powerful impression of the beauty of the area.

Landing Place of the Thunderbird

To the Squamish Nation, Black Tusk is known as t'ak't'ak mu'yin tl'a in7in'a'xe7en. In their language, it means "Landing Place of the Thunderbird", the legendary supernatural being of power and strength. The jagged shape of the mountain and its black colouring are said to come from the Thunderbird's lightning.

Our Logo

One of our logos was designed by Coast Salish Indigenous artist Corrine Hunt, the co-creator of the Gold-Silver-Bronze medals for the 2010 Vancouver-Whistler Winter Olympics. Her design takes inspiration from the Black Tusk and the Thunderbird, as well as our Nordic sports including ski jumping and cross country skiing.

The traditional lands of the Callaghan Valley, Whistler Olympic Park and the Black Tusk area are known as Payakentsut by the Squamish Nation. Payakentsut is a Squamish word meaning “to train oneself physically” and since 2011 Whistler Olympic Park has hosted the annual P’ayak Loppet where more than a thousand cross country skiers challenge themselves at distances from 15 to 50 kilometres.

Squamish and Lil’wat Nations

The Squamish and Lil’wat peoples have lived on the lands around Whistler Olympic Park since time immemorial. During the time of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the Nations were active partners in the planning and development of the Nordic venue at Whistler Olympic Park. As Board members of Whistler Sport Legacies they have been instrumental in the formation of the Black Tusk Nordic Events Society and securing the 2023 FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships.