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Black Tusk Nordic Events Society (BTNES) is the host Organizing Committee for the March 17- 27, 2022 Canadian National Nordic Ski Championships/FIS Continental Cup for Ski Jumping & Nordic Combined and the January 27-February 5, 2023 FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships to be held at Whistler Olympic Park. The communities of Squamish and Whistler will be the host municipalities for accommodation, dining and ceremonies.

The March 2022 Championships will attract over 1,000 athletes from throughout Canada and the USA. The January 2023 World Championships will attract some 500 athletes from 40 countries as well as another 500 officials, coaches, trainers, etc. as well as 1,000’s of fans/spectators.

BTNES is building its volunteer team and has two leadership positions that it is looking to fill.




As a key member of the senior leadership team, you will provide strategy, guidance and coordination to recruit and manage approximately 300 volunteers as well as coordinate with the Sport Technical Volunteer leads. The general volunteers will be active in all areas of the event including: transportation, accommodation, food & beverage, venue overlay, awards and ceremonies, parking, spectator management, entertainment, festival marketplace, etc.

Tasks during the pre-event planning phase:

  • Map and define staffing needs, including job requirements (with help from operations manager and other managers)
  • Prepare a recruitment concept for volunteers, including a communication plan
  • Find and become super-user of a recruitment software portal including management tools for scheduling etc (may be able to use existing Whistler Sport Legacies software)
  • Carry out recruitment of volunteers in collaboration with other managers
  • Prepare/develop a plan for job specific training of volunteers
  • Carry out the training in collaboration with the organizing committee and the functional area managers
Information / communication
  • Prepare and disseminate general information to volunteers (the functional area managers would be responsible for communicating the job specific tasks and schedules to their respective groups)
  • Answer general e-mails and telephone inquiries from the volunteers • Update volunteer information info on the event web pages
  • Prepare and produce a Volunteer Guide
Other general tasks
  • Create a recognition program for volunteers
  • Organize a “Kick-off” or information meeting for the volunteers
  • Organize a closing or summer party for the volunteers
  • Prepare proposals for concept for volunteer uniforms/clothing and manage the distribution of the uniforms/clothing

Tasks during the event itself:

Manage the volunteer service function:
  • Organize and manage a volunteer service functional area with responsibility for check- in, food, clothing and environmental measures for all volunteers
  • Organize and operate a check-in desk for volunteers in the mornings (and provide important general information as needed)
  • Organize and operate food service for volunteers, including coffee/tea in the morning, and lunch
  • Coordinate setup, cleaning and opening hours for food service room/tent o Order food from Venue Food manager
  • Create distribution list for lunch bags/boxes
  • Ensure that volunteers have appropriate uniform/clothing
  • Ensure that volunteers have clear job descriptions/tasks, transportation and accommodation if needed, and have a person to speak to for general inquiries


Keeping our athletes, volunteers, and officials well fed and happy at Whistler Olympic Park will be a key component of a successful event. As Venue Food Manager, you will provide strategic planning, partnerships and coordination of the food caterers and suppliers. Food services will be provided in the Cross Country stadium area, the Ski Jumping stadium area as well as the athletes and volunteers tent/buildings.

Tasks during the pre-event planning phase:

  • Identify and plan the required food & beverage services at the venue (Whistler Olympic Park) for all functions related to the event, including number of daily meals for volunteers, officials, athletes, media, VIPs etc
  • The Event operational manager will help identify all requirements
  • Help find catering company if required
  • Create a food service schedule (with times, etc)

Tasks during the event itself:

  • Set up food service locations (tents or trailers, etc) and coordinate the serving (lunch mostly) to the different functions
  • Work with caterer (or sponsors) to receive, store, freeze food and beverages (as required)
  • Distribute food (to officials that cannot leave their work space) as required
  • Organize coffee, tea and beverages such that this is available all day

Contact Us

If either of these positions are of interest, please contact:

Norman Laube
Chairperson – Local Organizing Committee
Black Tusk Nordic Events Society
778 953 1653
[email protected]


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