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High Adrenaline jumps from 3 of the best!

Ask anyone spectating the event today and they’re likely to admit that the action was very exciting and adrenaline filled! At this level, there wasn’t going to be much to separate the top 3, and the video shows just that… Katharina Althaus and Luisa Goerlich of Germany, along with Canadian Alexandria Loutitt all pushed each other further and further. It was brilliant to watch.

This is how things shook out for the top 10 competitors:

TOP 10

1st – Katharina Althaus 
2nd Luisa Goerlich 
3rd place – Alexandria Loutitt 
4th – Juliane Seyfarth
5th Vanessa Moharitsch
6th Katharina Ellmauer
7th Annika Belshaw
8th Hannah Wiegele
9th Paige Jones
10th Natalie Eilers

It isn’t over yet… Round 2 of the Continental Cup is on Saturday March 19th – DO NOT MISS IT!

Head to the link below to buy a ticket:

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