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Featured image: Jasmine Drolet training (r)

Jasmine Drolet and Molly Miller of the Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club were the top Canadian’s in the Junior Women’s 5km at the 2021 FIS Junior World Ski Championships in Vuokatti, Finland.

With another year left in the junior category, Jasmine skied to a new personal best of 23rd place, finishing 37 seconds away from the podium. 24 seconds behind Jasmine, Molly set a new distance personal best of 38th.

Jasmine and Molly train with the Black Jack Ski Team under the leadership of Dave Wood. Both will racing in the U23 category in the season of the 2023 Championships to be held in Whistler/Squamish. Here’s their take on today’s race:

The race went well! I am quite happy with my result especially considering this was my first race of the year. It definitely feels weird to start racing so late and to be here without racing at trials first.

My prep this summer and fall has been good. I trained alone quite a bit and camps were cancelled, which was unfortunate, but we made some alternate plans and trained well nonetheless.

It feels really good to break the top 30. This has been one of my goals for the past few years and finally accomplishing it feels very relieving and motivates me to set even higher goals.

Next on the list is definitely top 15, which I feel confident that I could be close to with the classic 15 km race on Sunday and with hopefully many more years of racing to come.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the relay. I am skiing the second leg, after Molly and before Liliane and Anna. I’m excited to see how well we can perform there. Sunday is the final day of racing, which for me is a 15 km classic mass start. I am very excited but also very nervous to see what will happen there. 

Jasmine Drolet – 23rd in the 5km Skate

Today’s race for me was “so-so”. Not too bad but not quite what I was hoping for. It feels so good to be racing after such a long break but also a bit weird. It’s been so long since I’ve raced. (Molly’s last race the 2020 WJC last March)

It was good to get a PB for sure. The relay is tomorrow! I’m starting the race. I always love the relay so I’m excited.

After that, we have the long distance race. I would love to get a top 25 but we will see how it goes..

Molly Miller – 38th in the 5km Skate

Official Results (FIS)

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